Engaging people to reach
Upward to God,
Inward to each other, and
Outward to those who don’t yet know God

Growth Plan

Weekend worship celebration
Do you ever feel alone in a crowd? We are surrounded by crowds of people all the time, but still we can remain lonely and isolated from true community. Life is not meant to be lived alone. Large church celebrations are valuable because it is encouraging when the whole church comes together. But large group gatherings are incomplete. We need community – the kind we can only get in small groups of people who really know each other and love each other in an environment of acceptance and grace. Jesus taught his followers to live and love together – in community. And so, in addition to the whole church coming together, Living Faith Christian Fellowship puts a strong emphasis on “Simple Church”; small groups (6-15) of people who meet together in a home once a week.

Simple Church for care, evangelism, and servingMentoring hi res
Jesus spent some time in large groups, but he spent even more time with his small group of 12. They “did life” together and Jesus’ influence taught them, matured them, and transformed them. At Living Faith Christian Fellowship, we call our small groups “Simple Churches”. In these home meetings we help each other on our common journey to grow in our relationship with God. We share our personal struggles and discuss how to apply God’s word to our individual lives. We find ways to serve others both in and out of the church. Most importantly, we love each other. We help those that are hurting and celebrate with those who are rejoicing.

Have you ever been absent from church and knew that no one noticed? It won’t happen in a Simple Church. Need a helping hand to get you through a difficult time? It’s the people in your Simple Church who will gladly be there for you. Praying together, discovering together, and serving together are what Simple Churches are all about.

Mentoring Groups for life transformation
But even a small group isn’t always small enough. Even within the 12, Jesus had an inner circle of 3. He discipled those he was closest to and it was there he saw the most fruitful life changes happen in them. We all need a best friend (or two or three). When Christians get together with an intentional purpose to help each other grow, the results are incredible! We only get one life to become what God intended us to be, so why not make our relationships more intentional with that goal in mind. The best life change comes when close friends, each committed to God and each other, look out for each other’s best interests and help each other discover and live out God’s plan for each other’s lives.

We want to follow the paradigm that Jesus showed us with his life, not as a rigid blueprint to be followed, but as people who want to invest ourselves where the heart of God is; people. So we have weekend celebrations, small groups meeting throughout the week, and mentoring relationships which produce God’s character, attitude, and love into each person who is willing to make the sacrifice of time, energy, and heart to be all that God has called us to be; like Jesus.