Engaging people to reach
Upward to God,
Inward to each other, and
Outward to those who don’t yet know God

Living Faith Homepage

We are currently meeting in person AND online. You may find us online at our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/ultimateimpact. We are meeting in person at people’s homes at 9:30 on Sundays. We will have backyard or indoor worship times until further notice. Call Barry at 303.883.8871 for details on where we are meeting each Sunday since places vary. During the pandemic, we are also offering online Bible studies, online prayer, free counseling, and financial help to those who are negatively financially impacted by the Coronavirus (call for details to see if your family qualifies for financial assistance). If you would like, we will come to you for a “concierge worship”. Just call us and ask for the details.

Living Faith Christian Fellowship is a non-denominational Christian church with contemporary worship, biblical teachings and values, and is a great church for families. We are actively involved in the community by blessing families in need, serving the community, and actively reaching people with the good news of Jesus! If you are looking for a church where relationships are close, kids get connected through both fun activities and spiritual interaction, and lives change because of God’s power, this is the church for you.


The Church: An Amazingly Adaptable Organism

The banning of large gatherings doesn’t stop us from being the church and living as the church. As of now, some are still able to gather in small groups while practicing social distancing, but everyone with a smartphone, tablet, or computer is able to meet with others via videoconferencing. We can live our lives out in Christ together in community without large…

Not For Appearance’s Sake

The Spirit is forming your heart so that He can transform your way of living.  The inner work is the root of the outer work.  Fruit is evidence of the root.  Christians can never settle for appearances.  It can never be doing what we do to be seen of men.  It is always doing what we do for the glory of the…

A great prayer to start the day

Father, this is your day on loan to me, and I want to be used by you for spiritual impact. I submit myself, my plans, my activities, and my interactions with others to you. I thank you that I have been baptized and sealed by your Spirit. I thank you that your Spirit dwells in me. Now I ask that your Spirit…

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