Engaging people to reach
Upward to God,
Inward to each other, and
Outward to those who don’t yet know God

Simple Church

Has church lost the influence it once had? Have prevailing cultural norms moved the needle closer to or farther away from God’s purposes for our world? Does it seem the church has lost its voice of influence? Has church become too institutionalized? Too political? Too Hierarchical?
Millions of Americans have given up on church in the last generation because of these  issues. But many of those people do not want to give up on God. How is it that the early church changed their culture and got the gospel into the entire known world in one generation (Colossians 1:6), yet in the digital age of easy worldwide communication there are entire people groups that have never heard the gospel?
We believe that Jesus’ original purpose in the world is worth fighting for. It’s worth giving up programs for ministry. It’s worth giving up building debt for meeting needs of people both locally and globally. We invite you to join us as we go back to a philosophy that sees church as a loving fellowship of believers rather than buildings, budgets, and branding.
If this interests you, why not take 30 minutes out of your life to watch a couple of videos that paint the picture of what is emerging now all over America and in different parts of the world?
Listen to this 15 minute Ted Talk to see a philosophy that is restoring Christianity to its original roots and is happening now in America.
Also let this 15 minute Ted Talk help you reimagine church as it should be.
If you are still interested and want to find out more, call or text Barry at 303.883.8871 and we can sit down to coffee, tea, or a meal and discuss how this is happening right here in our own back yard in Erie and Broomfield.